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22 Mar, 2018
t was the end of January, the sun was out, the weather was perfect and it was the summer after I had finished high school and 13 years of school. The world was mine, ultimate freedom. However, instead of being out with friends and doing typical summer things I was instead going to be learning lifelong employment skills as I had enrolled into Vision Australia's three week pre-employment program (Building Stronger Futures).
15 Feb, 2017
To help organisations embed accessibility into their online delivery practices, the W3C has updated three core resources to help you get started.
06 Oct, 2016
Do you know how to make Word and PDF documents accessible to people with disabilities or impairments? If you're not sure, here are five ways you can improve document accessibility.
26 Sep, 2016
Screen shot of DAT 101 title screen
Make document accessibility an everyday practice with the Document Accessibility Toolbar (DAT) and eLearning course.
11 Aug, 2016
Popular resources cover image
We’re always trying to find ways to help you understand and implement accessibility. Here’s a list of our most popular resources so far.
04 Aug, 2016
Whether you have a single file or magnitude of legacy documents, our new document remediation partner can make them accessible for you. TaggedPDF is Australia’s first 100% dedicated PDF tagging service.
31 Aug, 2015
For those who aren’t in the business of accessibility but like to stay in the know, we’ve compiled a list of resources from the last few months you might find useful.
26 Aug, 2015
Adobe InDesign logo
Designers often use InDesign to create PDF documents that contain tabulated data spanning multiple columns or pages. Annual reports, for example, commonly have long tables of financial figures and other data. In this article you will learn how to create accessible data tables that span multiple pages using InDesign CC and Acrobat Pro DC.
27 May, 2015
Last month saw the release of the alpha Digital Service Standard by the Australian Government’s Digital Transformation Office (DTO). With a strong emphasis on user-centred design and inclusive services, the Standard establishes the criteria that all Australian digital government services must meet to ensure they are simpler, faster and easier for everyone to use.
26 May, 2015
Many already recognise the importance of building mobile apps in an accessible way. However, it’s also become important for developers to consider whether their apps will be used with other extensions, such as the Apple Watch, as not all of the accessible characteristics may carry over.