VA and your NDIS success

Vision Australia provides services and advice to people who are blind or have low vision so that they have access to, and can fully participate in, every part of life – when and as they choose. VA charges at the published price in the NDIS Support Catalogue for all supports. These supports are considered “Improved daily living”. Look for this in your plan.


  • Assess your level of vision impairment.
  • Get a recommendation on equipment and strategies to improve your vision, then trial them to find what works best for you.

Occupational therapy

  • Get help to assess your daily routine, your ability to work, and strategies to work past any limitations.
  • You can access support for your home to help you become more independent.

Orientation & mobility training, and equipment

  • Get support to acquire the equipment you’ll need to support your independence. This may include mobility devices, canes and Seeing Eye Dogs.
  • Receive training to ensure that you remain mobile – and safe – when you’re out and about in the community.

Assistive technology and training

  • Includes technologies to help you with everyday tasks, such as reading, and using computers and telephones.
  • You can receive training to ensure you make the most of the technology.

Paediatric support

  • Support for children who are blind or have low vision including speech pathology, sensory integration, motor skills support, language development and more.
  • Vision Australia work with your family to help children improve their social and general life skills and run regular school holiday programs.

Consumables @ Vision Store

  • Let us help you with your NDIS consumables.
  • Vision Australia is committed to helping you on your NDIS journey and has a Product Catalogue that includes a special NDIS Consumables icon on suitable products.
  • Consumable items are generally lower cost items required for everyday activities.
  • Consumables fall under the core supports budget available through NDIS.
  • If the NDIS has approved a consumables budget in your plan this can be used to purchase adaptive daily living equipment through Vision Store and Vision Australia offices.

Daily living aids and technology

You may be entitled to have Support Coordination in your NDIS plan to build your independence. Vision Australia provides Support Coordination to NDIS participants across Australia, and we will support you to understand your NDIS plan. We can assist by helping you manage services from different providers, and get started in the NDIS.