Ollie is looking through a magnifier

Ollie is about to start school

When Ollie was born, Lee soon realised he wasn’t like his older brother. His hair was snow white, and he would not make eye contact.

He wasn't an outgoing baby and he wanted to be held all the time. Every time we set him down he would get distressed. We just didn't realise it was because he couldn't see what was going on around him. We were getting worried, so we took him to the doctor.’

What happened next left Lee stunned!

The doctor delivered the diagnosis in a very blunt manner. He said Ollie had albinism and a related eye condition called nystagmus.'
I didn’t know what that meant.. For the next few months, I woke up every morning with a lump in my throat.

Lee was told there’s no treatment for Ollie’s condition. And no cure. He sees about a quarter of what someone with full vision can see.

Lee didn’t know what that could mean for Ollie’s future, she rightly very concerned.

But then someone like you changed her life, and Ollie’s too.

Support from kind people like you meant we could send a low vision specialist to visit Ollie at home. They showed Lee ways to help build Ollie’s confidence and bring him out of his shell. They taught her which toys to use and what to do to maximise his vision, and reassured Lee ’everything was going to be just fine’.

Those words made Lee cry tears of relief.

But her little boy’s about to start school soon. It’ll be his biggest challenge yet, so the need for specialised support is even more critical.

Lee didn't know what that could mean for Ollie’s future, she was scared.

But then someone like you changed her life, and Ollie’s too.

Will you be there for a child like Ollie?

Please make a donation today so a child with low vision can get the specialised support they need to thrive.

Your gift will help kids like Ollie access the latest technology to help them learn. For that, they’ll need the support of a Vision Australia access technology specialist like Glen.

Glen knows all about the challenges Ollie will face at school. How? Because Glen also has low vision due to albinism.

With this unique understanding, Glen can help to build Ollie’s resilience as he knows the latest technology that will help him do this.

Currently for Ollie to be able to read a book he has to be so close that his nose almost touches the page. So Glen can show him how to use an electronic video magnifier, which will enlarge the typeface so Ollie can see the pages without the need to get so close.

Ollie already struggles to see the whiteboard at Kinder and when Glen was his age that was a big problem as well.

'I used to have to get up from my seat, go up to the board to read what the teacher was writing, then go back to write it down.

But Glen can show Ollie how to use the latest technology that will magnify the whiteboard so he can see it from where he sits.

Will you kindly give $50 so children like Ollie can get one-on-one training sessions to learn how to read using the latest technology?