Include a gift in your Will

From babies born with blindness, to people transitioning to tertiary studies or the workforce, to seniors with age-related vision loss, you can help ensure everyone gets the services they need to live independently and reach their life goals. A gift in your Will for Vision Australia is a commitment to future generations.

Vision Australia’s services include mobility and independent living training for children and adults, technology use in schools and workplaces, employment services, library and Braille services and Seeing Eye Dogs, to list a few.

We would love to talk with you and provide information that you and your family may find useful in considering the inclusion of a gift in your Will. And we love to thank supporters who make such a thoughtful decision for the benefit of future generations living with blindness or low vision, so please do let us know.

All gifts, large or small, are deeply appreciated. A gift in your Will helps make certain that Vision Australia’s life-changing services will be available to meet the increasing need, so that people who are blind or have low vision have a brighter future.

You may never meet the people whose lives are changed by your kindness but you can be sure they will appreciate your thoughtful generosity. 

For further information contact Gifts in Wills team on 1800 422 077 or email

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