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20 Feb 2018
For Jane, accessing the education she was entitled to wasn't easy. But the 31 year-old knew the best way to be treated fairly was to stand up for her rights, and it worked. Jane's determination has allowed her to complete a number of university degrees and she now hopes others will follow her lead. 
20 Feb 2018
Audio description will be available for a performance of the stage play Barber Shop Chronicles in Perth this month.
20 Feb 2018
Vision Australia clients have heard the latest on health and safety around the home over the phone thanks to our Telelink group teleconferencing program.
20 Feb 2018
Accessible technology plays a vital role in supporting many people who are blind or have low vision to find employment.
16 Feb 2018
When Di was connected with Seeing Eye Dog Kenya, it meant being able to do the things she loved with greater ease. But it also meant being ready to respond to misconceptions that Kenya wasn’t permitted to travel with her.
15 Feb 2018
The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has announced the release date for the next generation of the $50 banknote, which will include tactile features to support people from the blind and low vision community.
14 Feb 2018
For many Australians sport is something that's intertwined with everyday life and a group of volunteers at Vision Australia Radio (VAR) are working to make it more accessible to the blind and low vision community.
14 Feb 2018
Leading blindness and low vision service provider Vision Australia is using World Radio Day (Tuesday, 13th February) to acknowledge the important role radio plays in the lives of people who are blind or have low vision.
24 Jan 2018
Children who are blind and low vision from the Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Central Coast regions are set to descend on a Newcastle beach today for a day in the surf.
19 Jan 2018
When Fiona Kelly’s husband lost his vision as result of diabetic retinopathy, she admits there was a fair bit of “bumbling” as her family came to terms with a significant change in their circumstances.