How we can help media outlets

We can provide information, insights and comments on a range of topics related to blindness and low vision matters.

Topics include accessibility, social inclusion, employment, education, the NDIS, My Aged Care, audio description on television, copyright, the Marrakesh Treaty, transport allowances, accessible information and technology, braille, Seeing Eye Dogs and tactile currency.

We can also connect you with our expert spokespeople and people from the blindness and low vision community.

Our media releasesopinion pieces and advocacy-related podcasts are published online.

Get in touch

Email or contact:

Phil McCarroll, Senior Communications Advisor (New South Wales, ACT, Queensland, Northern Territory, Northern NSW)

Phone: 02 9334 3308
Mobile: 0416 632 253

Max Williams, Communications Advisor (Victoria, Western Australia)

Phone: 03 9864 9212
Mobile: 0434 887 866

Matt Collins, Communications Coordinator (Seeing Eye Dogs)

Mobile: 0415 188 523

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